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Design elements taken from aircraft construction, “floating” lines, aerodynamic coaches and an extremely high quality of finish – Erdmann & Rossi was well ahead of its time. We carry forward this tradition. Our licensing partners will build your individual car – one of a kind. Reconstructions of Erdmann & Rossi vehicles licensed by us are masterpieces of craftsmanship.

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BMW 319/1 streamline coupe

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Bentley 4 ¼ ltr. convertible

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Turning your historic chassis into something unique

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Horch 853 special roadster

Every reconstruction of an Erdmann & Rossi coachwork is mounted onto an original, historic chassis. This also ensures that the rebody comes as close to the original vehicle as possible. Historic photographs and other documents are used in order to produce professional reproductions. Automobile Erdmann & Rossi KG recognises the principles set out in the Turin Charter of FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens).

Unique and Immaculate

The very complex manufacturing process usually takes several years to complete. Historic production methods are often employed, which includes the use of historic materials (bakelite, wood, nitrocellulose paint, etc.). Modern technology is sometimes used if it can bring improvement to the final product (contemporary improvements, e.g., measurement of individual components by laser technology, improved braking systems).

Both the production process and the quality of the rebody are documented in a provenance report compiled by Automobile Erdmann & Rossi KG. This expert report serves as an accompanying document and will be handed over to the new owner together with the vehicle. A specialist dealer can use the expert report to quickly determine whether or not the vehicle is duly licensed.

Reconstructions true to the original are often more suitable for everyday use than original vehicles, thanks to the completely new body. In this respect they are, at best, comparable to the very rare original vehicles that have undergone full restoration. In accordance with national law, e.g.  in Germany, licensed reproductions may receive a permit to travel on public roads.

For participation in round trips, fairs or competitions, reproductions true to the original are no less suitable than original vehicles. In the past, automobiles with reproductions of Erdmann & Rossi bodies have won multiple awards at classic car competitions (Concours d’Elegance).

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