Unlicensed vehicles − an incalculable risk

Unfortunately, still many unlicensed vehicles, allegedly with an Erdmann & Rossi body, are being offered today, . In some cases, these automobiles are of dubious quality. Some are mere products of phantasy (counterfeits), which have been manufactured without any great expertise.

Purchasing an imitation that has not been licensed by us brings about an incalculable risk. Anyone who manufactures or sells a non-original vehicle as an “Erdmann & Rossi” without a licence from the brand owner runs the risk of receiving a warning from us, or of being sued for trademark infringement. For purchasers, unlicensed vehicles are commercially worthless as they cannot be resold legally as automobiles with an Erdmann & Rossi coachwork. As such, they are also wholly unsuitable for collectors.


Protect yourself from fraud

A certificate issued by Automobile Erdmann & Rossi KG ensures that a vehicle offered for sale is a licensed reconstruction true to the original, or a historic original. When purchasing licensed rebodies, always pay attention to the expert report provided by the seller, which documents the development process of the reproduction and offers proof of licence.

Licensed vehicles are handmade one-offs. Therefore, a purchaser will be certain that he is, and will remain, the owner of a unique automobile.

A vehicle licensed by us can receive a permit to travel on public roads in a number of countries. You can also show your licensed Erdmann & Rossi at exhibitions and competitions. However, and above all, you can drive your Erdmann & Rossi with a smile.


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