Erdmann & Rossi® – your car

Erdmann & Rossi® is a synonym for sporty elegance, individuality and quality alike – luxury in the fifth dimension. Each vehicle produced is one of a kind.

Our company licenses partners with the Erdmann & Rossi® brand. Coachbuilders, selected according to strict criteria, design your personal, distinctive vehicle, all in the design tradition of Erdmann & Rossi®. Our licensing partners manufacture bodies according to historic models; the bodies are subsequently built onto original chassis.


Exclusivity handmade in Germany

We are currently focusing on the reconstruction of vehicles which, for various reasons, no longer exist (Erdmann & Rossi® Classic Line).

As you would expect, you can have your Erdmann & Rossi professionally serviced and repaired by our licensing partners. In addition, our partners are happy to support owners of a historic original vehicle by Erdmann & Rossi in the restoration of their automobile.

Through our licensing partners, we also offer other products bearing the Erdmann & Rossi brand, including the delicious Erdmann & Rossi chocolates, meticulously crafted art prints of historic drafts, the licensed book on the history of Erdmann & Rossi, and the exclusive Erdmann & Rossi watch edition.


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